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UT Ayers Hall - Knoxville, TN

Ayers Hall is the anchor building at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Art & Science Lghting Design was chosen from a field of 25 candidates to illuminate the central clock tower of this dignified historical brick building.

Architects Weeks, Ambrose, McDonald, in partnership with Ross/Fowler Architects guided the lighting concept and mission, which was to bring new identification to the landmark tower, and to venerate its charm and power as an enduring symbol of the historic legacy of the University of Tennessee.

Art & Science turned to Bialosky & Partners Architects for assistance in creating a 3-D version of the building, which enabled lighting fixture placement and calculations on North, South, East, and West faces. Bialosky & Partners finished the building in Studio Max using IES format photometry. The results were as accurate as they were stunning.

Low-wattage ceramic arc metal halide 3K luminaires with narrow beams of light stick to the tower, without spill light or tresspass into the night sky. The campus observatory, located across the quad from Ayres Hall, paid close attention to the project, and in the end, found the results satisfying. The newly sandblasted brick glows. Inside the belfry, 4K vertical floods illuminate the arches.

All fixtures are accessible without ladders.

Ayers Tower is now a striking night-time presence on the campus. Sitting on a promontory above Knoxville, it is also an addition to the Knoxville skyline.

Art & Science wishes to thank architects Bill Ambrose, Brian McDonald, Andy Powers, and Charlie Fowler for their guidance, Aaron Love for his cooperation in Electrical Engineering, and Massey Electric for their patience and throrough work in the mock-up and installation of this project. Thanks also to Lori Wilson, and all UT personnel who helped make this project a success. And thanks to Kathy Anen for her invaluable assistance.

Architect: Architects Weeks, Ambrose, McDonald
Photographer: Lewis Pro Photo
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