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Paseo Colorado Mall - Pasadena, California

This Developers Diversified mall, managed by Michael DeLeon, is a lighting work in progress. Pasadena, California, a city that takes green seriously, had a say in lighting design for the streetscape of its anchor outdoor shopping mall. They wanted something that would bring attention to buildings without looking ostentatios or dazzling pedestrians, wasting energy, or tresspassing into the night sky.

The Art & Science solution, a warm-white LED trace of street-facing building roof-lines satisfied all parties. The lacy neonesque lighting crowns cornices along the street and uplights the flared caps of mission style roofs. It wraps the street buildings and turns the corners at two mall entrances, making a quiet invitation to shoppers and a soft salute to the mountains.

A color-changing scheme is planned for the interior courtyard. Following that,, the clock tower and cinema marquee tower will be illuminated with narrow-beam floods that will change color.

Photographer: Michael DeLeon
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