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Terminal Tower - Cleveland, Ohio

When this vintage 1928 Cleveland  landmark skyscraper was undergoing extensive facade rennovation, the owners, Forest City Corporation, decided it was time for a lighting change as well. For decades, building electricians had hazarded rooftops and ledges in order to change high-pressure sodium lamps and holiday color media. To investigate available lighting technologies, Forest City turned to Zenith Systems' David Lupica and Color Kinetics' local representative Greg Shick. Art & Science Lighting Design was employed to conceptualize and prove a lighting theme. Art & Science teamed with Bialosky & Partners Architects to create a     3-D model of the building from flat drawing and photographs. Art & Science then placed and aimed over 500 luminaires in AGI32 lighting software to explore options. The rendering was exported to AutoCAD and rebuilt in Studio Max to create a color changing, animated, film, complete with soundtrack (available in "Models" section of this website). Site mockups helped dial in the final design.The project was installed in 09. The Terminal Tower  glows at night with elegant color changes, holiday, and event schemes. Maintenance and power useage have been significantly reduced.

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