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American GreetingsTown Center - Cleveland, Ohio

The architect's mission: transform a warehouse space into a sophisticated Town Center---a tranquil oasis in a massive, bustling corporate headquarters full of creative minds that sometimes run on overdrive.

A Starbuck's and an employees only model Smart Shop feature tall brick facades and canted metal canopies.  Two massive skylights are cut into a 26' high truss supported ceiling hued in a paint color aptly named "Respite".  Large bowed fabric clouds of varying sizes are suspended at differing heights.  Flooring defines "streets" and "sidewalks".  A wall of dynamic graphic niches provides seasonal messaging describing the highly successful client:  American Greetings.

The decidedly 3K lighting palette was designed to reinforce graphics and materials, but above all, to help people feel good in a city where daylight is fickle, scarce, and occasionally gothic.  Display panels are backlit.  Metal Halide spots splash warm pools of light onto the floor and tables.  Sconces add sparkle.  LED floodlights mottle the clouds from above with a program that scrolls through a simulated day that begins in a pink dawn, progresses through blue sky, cumulus, and culminates in a violet and orange sunset, with a brief storm thrown in for good measure.


Architect: Bialosky & Partners
Photographer: Shooting Star Photography
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