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St. Paul's Episcopal - Cleveland Heights, OH

Rev. Alan M. Gates describes the newly illuminated tower at St. Paul's as "a beacon of light and hope".  Gates writes:  "The deterioration of older lighting systems had, over the past few years, led to a parially lit tower "floating" above a dark church building.  As the final lights failed, the dark tower had begun to look more spooky than welcoming at nighttime.  Likewise, the church's dark sidewalks presented neither the hospitality nor the safety level we wished for.

     Now, all of that has changed!  Bollards along the drive and walks provide safe and wlcoming access to all entrances.  Strategically placed floods along the facades and selected trees highlight the churche's architectural features and landscaping.  New copper lanterns hang at the doors.  And the tower has been transformed into a brilliant beacon to our neighbors and to all passersby!"


Photographer: Ron Friedman
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